Maplewood Parks

Thriving public spaces make thriving communities! Click below to learn more about Nikki’s work as Park Commissioner to improve Maplewood Parks

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Disability & Health Care Advocacy

Health Care is a right and something that matters to all of us! Click below to learn more about Nikki’s work to help others.

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Local Economic Development

Our local economy helps make Maplewood a great place to live! Click below to learn more about Nikki’s efforts to support local economic growth.

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Why I am running for City Council

I love the city of Maplewood. It is not only where I live, it is my home. I am deeply committed to making Maplewood the best city it can be! As a person who uses a wheelchair, I see accessibility, transportation, and infrastructure through a different lens than able-bodied folks. My voice on these issues makes Maplewood a more livable city for everyone. I have spent many years improving Maplewood parks and supporting business development. I would honored to serve as you next Maplewood City Council person.

Proven Advocate from years of community organizing for disability rights

Coalition Builder with the Metropolitan Council on county, state, and regional transportation issues.

Qualified leader as the former chair and member of the Maplewood Parks and Recreation commission, member of the North End Task Force, and recipient of the Political Courage Award from the Women’s Candidate Development Coalition

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Very few Minnesotans Living with disabilities run for office. That may be changing!

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The number of candidates with disabilities increasing, slowly…